Custom made clothing personalized for your style and fit

J. Hilburn's collection of premium Italian fabrics and endless styling options create custom garments to fit you and your unique style.  Simply put - when you wear high-quality custom clothing that fits, your confidence goes through the roof.

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Ready to Turn Heads?

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"The Pursuit of Personal Style Begins with a Great Shirt"

Start with a Custom Shirt

A perfect fitting shirt is a wardrobe staple.  It's the foundation of your outfit and sets the tone for everything else.

We use only the finest fabrics from Milan, Italy, with many swatches to choose from; then we create your shirts based on 13 different variables, with contrasting fabrics (or even threads).  We have a shirt for every occasion and it will fit you better than any shirt you've ever worn.

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A Perfect Fitting Suit Always Wins

J.Hilburn suits are made to measure and our fabrics are distinctly Italian; supplied by prestigious Italian mills. Each suit is cut to order and priced very reasonably for what you receive. So how are our prices so reasonable? No “middle-man” with large overhead. J.Hilburn makes it possible for Dana to be your personal retailer.

Navy Blue Suit

"A Well Tailored Suit is to Women What Lingerie is to Men"

We Have It All

There's a misconception that custom always revolves around shirts and suits.  We have many more options to choose from.

Custom polos, Golf Apparel, shorts, Chinos, 5-pocket pants, denim, luxury tees, cashmere sweaters, outerwear, shoes and accessories. We literally has everything to make you more polished.

Custom Shorts Shoes Belts, etc